Sysmä, a complete package to live your life to the fullest


All activities in Sysmä are based on a strong cultural heritage of our ancestors.  Sysmä today offers very competitive municipal- and private services compared to many other same size municipalities.

Sysmä has so many natural qualities to become a very attractive destination in the future either to live, to run a business or to enjoy leisure time.   Or maybe you can combine those three!  Investing in developing livelihood and cultural actions and providing a beautiful, safe environment support continuously this trend.

Sysmä is traditionally known as milk- and sahti (local beer) destination, summer- and cultural destination.  Sysmä has been popular among summer residents over more than hundred years.  Lake Päijänne with 167 other lakes in Sysmä have been irresistable and brought us thousands of secondary home owners.

Sysmä and its environs have  been graced with spectacular natural vistas.  The most wonderful of all is Lake Päijänne itself, Finland´s deepest and second largest lake.  It´s water – pure enough to drink – the tranquillity of nature and the experiences and recreational opportunities if offers have earned Sysmä a high regard as place to live and as a year-round resort.

And, above all, it´s where you´ll find the Finnish out-of-doors at its best: forests, lakes, wilderness areas, traditional villagescapes, the changing seasons, peace, quiet and contentment.  For anyone seeking quality of life, it´s here.

We wish that all those who own a secondary home in Sysmä, would stay longer with us and maybe year-round if possible. Thanks to you, we are able to offer a large range of services and that of course helps us all.

Sysmä offers many cultural events; music, art, book related events, traditional markets, visits to old manors, theater etc.

You are most welcome to enjoy all this with us!

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