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Theater House


Sysmä Theaterhouse was originally The Sysmän Säästöpankki bank.  This bank was established  in 1880, but this building wasn´t built until 1898.  It was designed by architects Nyström-Penttilä-Petrelius in Helsinki.  This beautiful building represents the national romantic style.  It has a very rich past.  Säästöpankki bank operated there until 1936, when the bank´s new locations were opened.

After 1936 there have been many different uses for this building such as for school classes, a furniture company, even the Finnish White Guard took place there etc.  Nowadays it is the home of Sysmä´s movie theatre and also a venue for our local amateur theater.  This house can also be rented for different occasions like birthdays, funerals, weddings etc.