History and nature of Sysmä

Sysmä has a very rich past.  There have been over 100 pre-historic relics found in Sysmä from the Stone Age to the end of the Iron Age, which has been very significant for Sysmä´s history.  The Sysmä church and its environment has been an important place in the region of Päijät-Häme since 600AD.  Over the decades countless finds have been made in Sysmä, the latest ones being in 2000.  The patron saint of Sysmä´s medieval church from the years 1510-1520 is the eternal king of Norway, St. Olof.

St. Olof church

The 10 manor houses also tell their own stories. Three of these ten gladly receive guests and travellers, but only in groups of a minimum of 25 persons.

Virtaa manor

Sysmä has been graced with breathtaking natural vistas.  You become acquainted with the nature on your own or with entrepreneurs offering various experiences in nature.  To explore Lake Päijänne, you can enjoy this either by sail boats or in bigger boats with excellent facilities.  Paddling on Tainionvirta River is also a worth-while experience.

Lake Päijänne