Cultural activities all year round

Cultural activities all year round

Sysmän Suvisoitto offers beatiful concerts at extremely fascinating venues.  Suvisoitto brings many world known celebrities to Sysmä.  Suvisoitto takes place during the first week in July.  Music is an international language where words are not needed.  The program itself is in Finnish, but with the help of a local, you´ll find the right consert to your taste.

Sysmä Bookvillage days

Sysmä is a charter member of an internationl bookvillage organization called International Organization of Booktowns (IOB).
Sysmä Bookvillage days takes place annually during the first week of July.  If gathers nealy 20 book sellers all over Finland.  Most of them sell second-hand books.

Many well-known authors, poets etc will visit us at Bookvillage days and give speeches and take part in discussions.

The Night of Books

The Night of Books is organized by Sysmä Bookvillage Association and takes place early August at Sysmä Theater House.  The program is based on some musical or theatrical events.

St. Olof Days

St. Olof days in Sysmä has a long history.  It was organized for the first time already in 1963 and then starting from 1969 it has taken place every single year.  St. Olof is the patron saint of our medieval church.

St. Olof Days is a relaxed summer day, the last saturday of July, when about 250 sellers of different items gather on our market place and surroundings

Kuurina – amateur theater

Kuurina theater gives us pleasure every summer with fantastic musicals or plays.
Kuurina theater plays will be performed at Sysmä Theater House, address Väihkyläntie 1.  Please follow the web pages.

Beautiful cemetaries of Sysmä



There are three cemetaries in Sysmä.  The main cemetary is around the St. Olof church.  It has been made larger many times, at least in 1753, in 1794, in 1828, in 1872 and in 1986.

The beutiful stone fence is made in 1837.


in 2017 many old fir trees were cut down, because they were more than hundred years old and not so safe.

in 1890 Sysmä got two new cemetaries, the other one in Nuoramoinen and the other one in Otamo.  All three are used nowadays