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Ohrasaari is situated in the city center.  It´s a rather small island, only 26 ha, on the Majutvesi (Päijänne) Kirkkolahti bay, close to our medieval church.  It is very popular among the citizens, maybe because of how it is so easy to get there.  There is a 2,7 km long illuminated track for joggers and some gym equipment can be found along the way. These tracks are for skiers in the winter. There is also a 1,7 km long path around the island. 

You´ll find a mountain bike trail in the woods of Ohrasaari as well as frisbee golf, 6 bounds.

For children there is a hill for toboggan rides.

Birdwatchers might enjoy the tower especially for birdwatching.

A newest improvement is the staircase for hikers to exercise on.