General information about Sysmä

Sysmä is located in the middle of the lovely lakelands of Finland, in the very heart of the unique southern Päijänne lakescape.  Sysmä and its surroiundings have been graced with spectacular natural vistas.  In fact, the highway through the Päijänne islands alone is well worth experiencing.


The most wonderful of all is Lake Päijänne itself. It is the deepest and second largest lake in Finland, and also has water pure enough to drink! This, as well as the tranquillity of nature, and the experiences and recreational opportunities Sysmä has to offer, has made Sysmä a high regarded as a place to live and as a year-round vacation spot.

It is easy to get to Sysmä from anywhere in Finland, and, above all, it´s where you find the Finnish outdoors at its best: forests, lakes, wilderness areas, the changing seasons, peace and contentment.  For anyone seeking quality in life, it´s here.


As far as surface is concerned Sysmä is a large municipality in the Päijät-Häme region with 936, 5 km2.  The population is about 4000 people.  During the summer the population triples, when our vacationers come around.  We have about 4000 secondary homes in Sysmä.  Sysmä has been blessed with 1000 km of shoreline of different lakes, of which 270 km belong to Lake Päijänne.  1,5 million people drink water from Lake Päijänne every day.  The great Päijänne, 167 other lakes, rivers, mountains, ridges and fields with beautiful and well taken care of manor houses and farm-houses help to reinforce our unique, pure countryside at its best, while still being not too far from the cities.