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Address: Valittulantie 5, 19700 Sysmä

Mon-Wed 10-18
Thu-Fri 10-16
Sat 10-14

Horse and crow (on the wall of our library)

Sysmä´s library is very special in many ways.  As usual you are of course able to borrow books from there and you may enjoy reading many magazines.  The library itself is like a cozy livingroom, where you can relax, find information, enjoy different changing exhibitions and most of all there is a good possibility to admire the wonderful artwork of Marjatta Tapiola, an artist born in Sysmä. Marjatta Tapiola is known nationwide.  We also have a unique library card showing one of her pieces of art on it.

Zeus and Europe II (Art museum Kiasma)

You can also borrow some sport equipment with your library card, such as, tour skates, snow shoes, tennis rackets and kettlebell weights.