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Olavi Virta -monument

Olavi Virta

in 2015 Sysmä celebrated a fabulous tango singer, Olavi Virta, , by creating a monument in his honour. Olavi Virta was born in Sysmä´s Särkilahti village on the 27th of February 1915.  This monument was made by a sculptor and professor Kimmo Pyykkö and it´s named “a silvery moon” relating to the famous tango Olavi Virta used to sing.

This monument is a metallic ode to Olavi Virta´s life, his universal, unique talent to interpret Finnish melancholy and dreams and to his music in general.  This monument is made of stainless steel and green granite from Ylämaa, the measurements are about 300 x 500 x 200 cm.

This monument is situated in Olavi Virta Park in the center of Sysmä, close to Lake Päijänne.