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Villa Sarkia

Villa sarkia

Villa Sarkia

Address: Myllymäentie 1, 19700 Sysmä

Villa Sarkia is a house where young authors, poets and translators can stay for free and do their work.  This demonstrates the great love for culture, that has flourished in Sysmä for hundreds of years.

The house was built during the 20´s and was first the home of a bank director as the bank used to be in the building next door.  The name Sarkia comes from the fact that a famous Finnish poet, Kaarlo Sarkia, used to live in Sysmä during 1943-1945.

Nuoren Voiman Liitto from Helsinki and Sysmä municipality have signed a co-operation agreement, so that Nuoren Voiman Liitto chooses the people to stay in the house and Sysmä Municipality gives them accommodation for free.

The authors, poets and translators have an obligation to tell about their work either at our local school or library.

No visiting possibility.