In case of emergencies – how to get medical help

In case of emergency – how to get medical help 

Sysmä Health Care Center (SOTE-keskus in Finnish)
Address: Leppäkorventie 33,19700 Sysmä
Emergency room open from Mo-Fri 8AM -4 PM

Doctors´ appointments  can be reserved from number +358 44 494 2585 between 8AM -3 PM on Mo-Fri


Evenings and weekends

+358 116 117 Emergency hot line (Akuutti  / Acute 24 h service)

·         always call first this free of charge hot line, before going there

·         this emergency room is in Lahti, address: Keskussairaalankatu 7, 15850 LAHTI

·         available on weekends , holidays and evenings


General emergency number in Finland is 112

Using 112 Suomi  emergency number doesn´t cost you anything.  This is a very handy application to be loaded onto your phone.  Using this app, the ambulance or fire engines will find you automatically.  You will get help faster in case of serious emergencies.

Please load 112 Suomi for I-phones at App store


Please load 112 Suomi for Android-phones at Google Play



Private health clinic in Sysmä

Arte-lääkärit (Arte doctors)
Office address: Sysmäntie 47, 19700 Sysmä
Phone: +358 20 734 5671 between 9-12 AM