Good people´s marketplace

“Good people´s marketplace”

The name of Sysmä marketplace is pretty unusual, but the marketplace itself is quite ordinary.  All started from the idea of local Itä-Häme Junior Chamber International club in 1995. The idea was to create something to remember ordinary people in Hollywood-style!  Any Sysmä man or -woman or -child was to have a concrete tile with her or his palmprints on it.  Local JC-club organized everyhting with the help of Sysmä municipality.  The result was a little bit different marketplace than usually.  There are 2600 palmprints, women pressed their left hand and men their right hand.  Some families wanted to have their own tile. The most precious palmprint is the one of an unbaptized baby. All concrete tiles are numbered and this information is saved in the municipal office.

The basic idea is quite beautiful, you didn´t have to be a movie star or a pop singer or politician to be abe to have your own monument.  Any man was valuable and good enough to have a monument. The guardian of this monument was statesman Johannes Virolainen.

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